The city describes contact teams as “a group of individuals designated to be the stewards or advocates of their adopted neighborhood plan. They work with city staff towards the implementation of the plan recommendations, review and initiate plan amendments, serve as community points of contact, and work on behalf of other neighborhood stakeholders.”

About the Windsor Park Contact Team:

Windsor Park’s neighborhood plan includes University Hills, but there are now two contact teams for the two neighborhoods, so the Windsor Park contact team focuses on that portion of the plan. The neighborhood plan’s boundaries are:

  • North: US Highway 290
  • East East: Northeast Drive and Manor Road
  • South: Mueller PUD (North of Mueller between I35 and Manor to include the Water tower site, Troublemaker Studios, Rathgeber Village and other land not included in the Mueller PUD)
  • West: Interstate Highway 35

More information from the city, specific to Windsor Park:

Our members are:

Rodney E. Ahart (Chair) chair@windsorparkcontactteam.org
Margi Bienemann
Scooter Cheatham (Vice-Chair) vicechair@windsorparkcontactteam.org
Ami Davis

Jaime X. Guerra (Secretary) secretary@windsorparkcontactteam.org

Kenny Gaston
David Golden
Elaine Bohls-Graham
E.B. (Brian) Graham

Lane Hicks
Nadia Khan

Patrick Russell
Steve Speir
Arthur Turner


To communicate with the contact team, we suggest you email Rodney E. Ahart at chair@windsorparkcontactteam.org.

About contact teams:

The City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department describes the role of contact teams as:

  • Provide input setting plan implementation priorities
  • Initiate neighborhood plan amendments
  • Make a recommendation to staff on amendments
  • Allow out-of-cycle amendments
  • Receive notice of:
    • the filing of neighborhood plan amendments
    • required community meetings on amendments
    • public hearings on amendments
  • Prohibited from initiating zone changes
  • Prohibited from charging dues

The Department describes contact team requirements as:

  • Include representation from:
    • Property owners
    • Residential renters
    • Business owners
    • Neighborhood organization members who rent or own property within the Planning Area
  • Submit a list of officers and members on an annual basis
  • Submit bylaws and changes to bylaws
  • Bylaws must be based on a standard template

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