The Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (WPNPCT) is a group of individuals designated to be the stewards and advocates of the adopted neighborhood plan for Windsor Park. The team works with city staff toward the implementation of their recommendations, reviews and initiates plan amendments, serves as community points of contact, and works on behalf of all neighborhood stakeholders within the Windsor Park Planning Area.

The Windsor Park Planning Area boundaries are:

  • North: US Highway 290
  • East East: Northeast Drive and Manor Road
  • South: Mueller PUD (North of Mueller between I35 and Manor to include the Water tower site, Troublemaker Studios, Rathgeber Village, and other land not included in the Mueller PUD)
  • West: Interstate Highway 35

Our members are:

  • Rodney Ahart (Chair) chair@windsorparkcontactteam.org
  • Margi Bienemann
  • Jackie Brooks
  • Scooter Cheatham (Vice Chair) vicechair@windsorparkcontactteam.org
  • Ami Davis
  • Jamie X. Guerra (Secretary) secretary@windsorparkcontactteam.org
  • Kenny Gaston-Kilgore
  • David Golden
  • Elaine Bohls-Graham
  • Will Heathcott
  • Lane Hicks
  • Nadia Kahn
  • Brenda Lopez
  • Steele Meisinger
  • Jamie Nielson
  • Jane Ann Parker
  • Steve Speir
  • Arthur Turner
  • Zachary Zehr

To communicate with the contact team, please email Rodney Ahart at chair@windsorparkcontactteam.org.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team?

Review and respond to amendments to the adopted Windsor Park neighborhood plan
The Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (WPNPCT) will be asked to review and respond to proposed plan amendments by attending plan amendment meetings organized by neighborhood planning staff. The team will submit a letter to staff, prior to the Planning Commission public hearing, stating whether they support or do not support the proposed amendment.

Implement the adopted Windsor Park neighborhood plan
Upon the adoption of the Windsor Park neighborhood plan by the Austin City Council, the WPNPCT became the responsible body for monitoring and prioritizing the plan’s recommendations. The team works closely with the
City of Austin Zoning and Planning staff as well as communicates with implementing departments, including the City of Austin Parks & Recreation, Transportation, and Watershed Protection Departments.

Work on behalf of all Windsor Park Planning Area stakeholders
The WPNPCT is responsible for communicating with all stakeholders in the Windsor Park Planning Area. This is particularly important when making a recommendation on proposed plan amendments or prioritizing plan recommendations.

Serve as community points of contact
From time to time new policies and/or changes to the Land Development Code may require
the WPNPCT to make decisions about these changes. An example is the Mobile Food Establishment
Ordinance. Contact Teams are given the opportunity to submit an application for consideration
by City Council to determine whether the new standards should apply in their planning area.

Frequently asked questions:

Are Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and Neighborhood Associations the same?
No. Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and Neighborhoods Associations are different entities. The city requires a Contact Team as part of the adoption of the neighborhood plan. The city has certain requirements for the Contact Team with regard to membership and by-laws. There are no such requirements of Neighborhood Associations other than they register with the city’s Community Registry for the purpose of receiving official communication from the city.

Are Developers required to work with Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and Neighborhood Associations?
The plan amendment process requires developers to meet with contact teams but not neighborhood associations. City staff will not schedule a community meeting to discuss a proposed plan amendment until the applicant has made contact with the Contact Team.

How much weight do the Neighborhood Plan Contact Team recommendations have with the Planning Commission and the City Council?
The Contact Team is responsible for making a well-informed recommendation on plan amendments. However, City Council is the final decision-making body and may not agree with the Contact Team recommendation. Because Contact Teams serve as community points of contact and shepherds of the neighborhood plan, Planning Commission and City Council are very interested in hearing the recommendations of the Contact Teams.

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