Meeting report: March 14, 2016 (new members!)

The contact team discussed several issues at the March 14th meeting:

  • The new website at was approved.
  • Two new members were unanimously voted onto the team: Nadia Khan and Rodney Ahart. Welcome!
  • Minutes for the February meeting (February 8, 2016) were approved (see minutes post).
  • The contact team approved the following resolution to guide us in our interactions with the neighborhood, interested parties, and the city at large:WHEREAS the Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team is the steward of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan;

    WHEREAS the Contact Team is the voice of Windsor Park in city zoning, planning, and other matters related to the neighborhood plan,

    WHEREAS these matters are important to our Windsor Park neighbors;

WHEREAS the timeliness of communications allows our neighbors to be informed and up-to-date on these matters;

WHEREAS care must be taken to not misinform anyone in regards to what qualifies as the official decisions and documents of theContact Team;

WHEREAS the Contact Team‘s Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary; AND

WHEREAS the Executive Committee exists to facilitate the actions and decisions of the Contact Team but not to make those decisions for them;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Contact Team authorizes the Executive Committee to maintain a website and email list for the purpose of disseminating information regarding the matters related to the Contact Team and the Neighborhood Plan to our neighbors, property owners, business owners, city officials, and any other interested parties;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Contact Team authorizes the Executive Committee to approve emails, online posts, newsletter columns and other communications regarding the Contact Team, provided that any description of opinions or decisions by the Contact Team be limited to those that have been decided by a formal vote of the Contact Team in accordance with its bylaws;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Contact Team authorizes the Executive Committee to approve informal descriptions of meetings and other descriptive or technical information for dissemination, but that such communications should note that they are not formal Contact Team documents such as meeting minutes;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Contact Team authorizes the Executive Committee to proactively schedule meetings or speakers, make meeting announcements, request documents, or otherwise execute logistical communications;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Contact Team authorizes the Chair or the Chair’s designee to similarly execute logistical communications when necessary, provided that the other members of the Executive Committee are notified within 24 hours;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Executive Committee shall inform the entire Contact Team of any communications authorized by this resolution, either at the next regular meeting or before then via the Contact Team‘s email list;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that any member of the Contact Team is free to communicate on matters related to the Contact Team or the Neighborhood Plan however they choose and may use their Contact Team affiliation for identification purposes, but members should endeavor to follow Contact Team bylaws forbidding members from claiming to speak for theContact Team itself, and to that end they should include a statement that any views expressed are personal and not those of theContact Team; AND

THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the members of the Contact Team operate on the presumption of the good faith of all members and officers of the Contact Team and, should there ever be dissatisfaction regarding the communications described in this resolution, any member may raise the issue for discussion and hopeful resolution at the next regular meeting.

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