Agenda: November 14, 2016 Meeting

Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Meeting
Windsor Park Public Library,
November 14, 2016, 6:30 pm

  1. Call meeting to order;
  2. Approval of minutes from September regular meeting and October special meeting;
  3. Discussion and possible action on amendment to bylaws;
  4. Pending approval of bylaws amendment, discussion of potential amendments to bylaws for vote at December meeting;
  5. Pending approval of bylaws amendment, nominations for officers for vote at December meeting;
  6. Potential approval of new members;
  7. Discussion and announcements;
  8. Adjourn by 8:00 PM.
The amendment on item #3 was proposed at the special October meeting of the contact team. The proposed amendment reads as follows:
“Any action scheduled to be taken at a meeting, if that meeting is cancelled for any reason, may be taken by the contact team at the subsequent regular meeting or at any special meeting that precedes the next regular meeting. If the action at the cancelled meeting had any follow-up or dependent actions, those follow-up or dependent actions may be taken by the contact team at the corresponding subsequent meeting.
For example, if nominations for an officer election were scheduled or specified to occur at an October meeting that was cancelled, and the elections themselves were to occur at a November meeting, the nominations may occur at the November meeting and the election may occur at the December mee

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